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This really is just an introduction and to say hello. I am currently sat in a cafe nero here in Manchester and they are wanting to close so I’d better make it short! – Hopefully, if I can become a proficient blogger you will be able to come on here and get insightful musings on some different things cycling and bike fit related, and sometimes some other random stuff that I come across on life in general. I hope you enjoy spending 5 minutes away from your own hectic life sharing in a little of mine. I will write more later, but tell your friends, tell your family, tell your riding buddies, tell your dentists, tell your old dinner lady who you still bump into in the highstreet, please follow or join this blog and I will do my best to keep it interesting!

Hello from Pedal Precision. We aim to provide a better way of bike fitting. The human body does not conform to a formula, we want to help you get the most from riding whatever bike you ride and avoid long term injury. give us a shout or visit the website for more information on our concept. Thanks!