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Our Charity Partner

CFC logo2012Cyclists Fighting Cancer

As the saying goes “If Carlsberg ran Charities….”, Cyclists Fighting Cancer dedicates itself to bringing back some happiness to the lives of children fighting cancer and their families. All their fundraising activities go towards being able to gift new bicycles, both normal and specially adapted, to children with special needs because of their cancer treatment.

Bikes get sent all over the country to help children and families through the dark times and really make a huge difference to their enjoyment of life and to their recovery once they are are in remission.

Pedal Precision is very proud to be supporting CFC this year and hopefully for many years to come. Our race team is dedicated not to winning prizes (although that would be nice too) but to helping raise as much awareness and money for CFC as humanly possible. If you would like to know more about the charity, please visit their website at www.cyclistsfc.org.uk or take a look at our race team page where you can become part of something special or find out how to sponsor us on a challenge.