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Race Team

In 2011, Pedal Precision Team riders rode on behalf of our chosen charity CLIC Sargent. We had a great time at many events from Bristol to Scotland and down to Cambridgeshire. We are very proud of all we accomplished throughout the year. However, things move on, and this coming year we are very proud to be involved much more closely with a smaller charity.

From this year going forwards, Team Pedal Precision will be supporting Cyclists Fighting Cancer (www.cyclistsfc.org.uk). CFC is a charity which provides bikes, trikes and adapted bicycles to children suffering from, in treatment or remission from all forms of cancer. We are very proud to be working with the charity going forwards, their work really makes a huge difference to the lives of children who are going through some very hard times.

We feel that developing a close link with CFC will mean that we will be able to be more effective in the help that we can give by raising awareness and helping to raise very valuable funds. CLIC Sargent will always be close to our hearts but, with a smaller charity like CFC it means we will be able to be a more involved party in the work they do and the fundraising.

There are big things planned for the race team with regards to our challenges and races for next season and beyond and also in relation to our fundraising efforts on behalf of CFC. So look out for more exciting news soon!