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Bike Fitting Services

Enthusiast Fit

Our enthusiast fit if you're just getting started!
Our enthusiast fit if you’re just getting started!

Our Enthusiast fit is our entry level fitting session. As such we still use all the principles as described in ‘Our Concept’ but due to the shorter time frame of the fitting there is less time for explanation. This fitting is more akin to the generic bike-fit that you will see elsewhere, but is still tailored very much to the individual and we will be looking at how you ride and how your body copes with the riding position as we make adjustments. This level is great for those perhaps just getting into cycling and who want to make sure their first bike is perfectly set-up to their needs.


Pro Fit

By no means just for the Pro’s at all, we are open to suggestions for a name change!

The Pro Fit is our most popular service. It generally takes around 2 Hours and gives us plenty of time to really get to know the rider, the problems they may have when riding and time to look into their biomechanics and movement patterns in order to help them get the most out of their position.

group ride

We spend the first part of the session taking a detailed history and examining any specific problems or symptoms which you may

want/need to address. This allows us to build up a good picture of the rider, their goals, any aches and pains they may be suffering from and any medical or injury history they may have which might affect the position they achieve on the bike.

After this we tend to work our way from bottom to top. Starting with the shoes and cleat position before getting the rider warmed up on the turbo trainer (or rollers for the more experienced) and working our way through the position using lots of slow motion HD video footage from different angles.

During this process you will be receiving constant feedback on the things that we can see, why we are adjusting the things we are and any areas which we think can be worked on (movement disfunction etc.). We do all the normal adjustments you would expect from a bike fit, but then go one step further and help you improve the way you ride and interact with the bike as well as the ‘spannering’ of the bike itself.

At the end we will also provide key measurements and statistics from the session and any recommendations for both the bike and the body.


handslingComplete Pro Fit

This is our flagship session. Again this is not reserved for elite athletes but anyone who wants to get the absolute most from their cycling. This is a recommended session for a rider who has been struggling (often for years) with a particular pain or injury which has been spoiling their enjoyment of riding or performance in competition.

In addition to the Pro Fit session, we have time to go even more in-depth into the biomechanics of the rider and to look minutely at any small movements that should not be evident or areas that they can get more power from during pedalling.

The Complete Pro Fit also includes a detailed pdf follow-up document containing all the recommendations and exercise details to help the rider continue to improve in the long term. This session also includes an additional appointment for the fitter and rider to go out on the road for a ride. This is often extremely helpful in that it may allow us to see something which had previously not been evident when the rider was on the static turbo trainer. A climb or stint into a headwind can highlight a problem which wasn’t seen in the lab but that can be solved once we know about it.


Pre-Purchase Session (inc decision making help!)

We would also be glad to help you before you purchase a new bike whether it is your first or fifteenth bike. A preliminary session can allow us to get a good idea about your proportions, flexibility and history which could mean one bike and its geometry would suit you much better than another. After this session, we will stay in contact with you and you can email us with possible options you are considering and we will give you our advice as to which bike and size will be best for you.


Shoe and Cleat Setup

This service is included in both our Pro and Complete Pro Fit sessions, but it can also be of great benefit as a stand alone session. If you are happy with your position on your bike but feel that you have never been able to get comfortable in your shoes or are unhappy with your cleat position, this session is ideal for you.

Many of our riders have returned to us following Pro or Complete Pro Fit sessions when they have purchased new shoes or cleats just so we can make sure that the new equipment is just as perfectly set-up.shoes1 b&w small