Cycling Consultancy Services: Helping Find Better Ways to Travel and live in the City

Having worked within the cycling industry for decades, riding, racing, working in cycling retail, running a cycling business and as a director of a cycling charity, cycling definitely runs in the blood of everything we do. Pedal Precision is soaked in cycling.

So, when approached by a large development firm tasked with regenerating a whole area of Manchester, we sat down and immediately provided them with a number of ideas that we thought were simple, but which brought a whole new dimension to how they were thinking of trying to best provide cycling infrastructure to this new part of the city.

Working with architects, peacemakers, project managers and local government has given us experience to help any new developer provide better cycling facilities which will actually be valued and used by the population and/or residents of any new development, whether a single apartment building, housing plot or even a whole town or city!

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