A Story to Tell

A childhood spent in hospitals around the world. Cancer. Sepsis. Bike Racing. Charity Building and Business Running.


Allow Rich to bring his unique story to life to help bring balance, clarity and perspective to many different life and business challenges.

If you have met me, you will know something of my story. Over the past few years not only has the story got more complicated, but other people had started to all say “You need to tell that story properly, in a book or as an inspirational talk”.

The concept of this sat like a huge weight in my stomach as I did enjoy sharing the story and people seemed to really engage with it, but the thought of putting it into print or asking audiences to sit and listen to it struck terror through my natural (lack-of) self confidence.

With help I have realised that there are so many lessons learned from a life spent between waiting rooms and wards, being broken down and forced to build back up, being so weak you need someone to help you onto the toilet, but strong enough to laugh through the madness.

So many stories to tell, a lot of pain endured, but also so much joy both despite the fight(s) for life and because of them. These stories helped me to build a framework to help people of all walks of life, athletes, entrepreneurs and business leaders, or people struggling to find their place in the world to make sense of some of life’s craziness, find positivity within suffering and help give clarity at times when chaos seems to be the only way.

To give you a very brief snapshot (I don’t want to spoil some of the surprises!), born with some vital organs in the wrong place, I was one of the first people to be discovered and had the issues sorted, before succumbing to one of the almost weekly infections. The fact that it had taken 7Yrs and I was still around was just through luck and very vigilant parenting! There followed a rollercoaster of great times before a cancer diagnosis and a drug trial to help get rid of it, more amazing times before banging hard on deaths door once more in the middle of the worlds toughest bike-race.

I’ll leave it there, but please do get in touch if you’d like to know more or would like a dramatic, funny, scary but ultimately uplifting speaker for your event.

Many thanks.

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