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A Pedal Precision Bike-Fit is not like any other bike fitting procedure.

Others may use a specific set of measurements, formulas and angles to put you in a position that the text-book says you ‘should’ be in. These methods are generally based on parameters within a computer programme telling the operator when each parameter “turns green”.

We believe that the human body doesn’t conform to a formula and the computer based systems fail to account for many of the bodies natural idiosyncrasies. Using our sports injury experience, we provide a fit which suits YOU, not the rules.

We also realised through experience and discussions with physiotherapists that there was a piece of the Bike Fit jigsaw missing. Therapists were happy to  agree that treating patients on the treatment table was one thing, but when it came to giving long term solutions for ride position and injury prevention when actually riding and what to do with the bike in response, they were a little in the dark.

This is where your Pedal Precision Bike-Fit takes things beyond where others finish.

At Pedal Precision we use High Definition Smooth Slow Motion video to enable us to see at a minute level what is happening with every muscle and joint as you pedal.

The crucial part of this is that we have the specialist knowledge to interpret what we see. We believe it is this interpretation that is often missing in some bike fit systems, even with the use of ever more sophisticated technologies.

Using the slow motion allows us to do 2 things better:

First we can make all the adjustments necessary to your bike to adapt the position to fit your body and allow you to work most effectively whilst allowing us to minimise any stress placed on joints, especially any that have historically been injury prone.

Secondly this also allows us to identify areas of biomechanical weakness or muscle imbalances which are also contributing to any pain or lack of power whilst riding.

For many of our clients, this enables us to give them a programme of interventions or exercises which gives them a truly long term solution to a problem they have been struggling with for months/years.

Of course, we still do all the things you would expect from a bike fit as well as those that you don’t. We will help you adjust the bike you have to work best for you.

As a rule, we do not sell componentry as we believe this would compromise our ability to be completely impartial, but we will make recommendations if we believe you would benefit from a different set-up which requires a new part. In these cases we do have a number of options however. Sometimes, we can switch stems with one that we have that you can borrow (or sometimes even keep if its right for you) or we can provide the information you need to source the parts and then either talk you through installing the new parts or you can return and we’ll fit them for you. Some of our sessions also come with a follow up ride or visit which is also a good opportunity to check and fine tune after parts fitting.

It’s definitely NOT All About The Bike! At Pedal Precision, we put the bike to one side for the first part of your session. We then get a chance to identify all the areas of your body and medical history that may have a bearing on how we fit you to your bike.

Everybody has a different past, be it a background in rugby and the injuries that come with it, or previous surgery which is causing dysfunction of a joint or muscle group. Couple this with the fact that modern lifestyles themselves can often lead to muscles going to sleep and areas of biomechanical disadvantage in the body’s kinetic chain.

During your session we look closely at how all these things are effecting your movement, flexibility and biomechanics. This in turn gives us loads of information that we can refer back to once you are on your bike.

To sum up, working together with your body, someone who can see and appreciate these idiosyncrasies can adapt your bike fit to work in harmony with your body rather than trying to just crowbar your body to fit a pre-ordained set of rules.

At Pedal Precision we also place a lot of thought into how your feet interact with your pedals, to the extent that our shoe and cleat setup has become somewhat of a dark art.

When you ride with clipless pedals (SPD’s etc.), you are effectively ‘fixing’ the top and bottom of your lower limbs (that is, your feet and bottom are attached to fixed surfaces, at least while you are sat in the saddle). Because of this it becomes crucial that your shoes and pedals are in the perfect position to allow your legs to track in smooth, straight circles.

During your session we will spend time looking at your foot posture, hip/knee/ankle alignment, gait analysis (how you walk is directly related to how you ride), and how your feet are supported within the shoe. We take all this information and then adapt both your shoes and cleat position so that your feet are in their most natural position when clipped to the pedals.

Finally, the other significant way our bike fits differ from others is what you are left with at the end of your session. We believe that as well as any critical measurements from your setup that you can take home, we also provide you with the ammunition to help your body help itself. This may take the form of a small number of exercises which will best help you control a movement dysfunction, some stretches to help improve an inflexible area or even carry out some hands on manipulations to improve movement of the spine.

We hope this gives you some idea of what we do and why we are different. It is difficult to explain, and is more of a slight change in thinking for fitting your bike, but we have come up with these methods after seeing so many people who have unsuccessful bike-fits and/or spend hours trying to adjust their own positions, when what is really needed is somebody who can look at both the bike and the body together, at the same time and make them both work in harmony. This is where Pedal Precision really believes it can help all riders get more from their cycling, whatever you use your bike for.

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