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  • After a couple of years hacking around triathlon courses on a road bike I recently decided to make the jump to my first Time Trial Bike. As a novice, I had no idea how to set up the bike to produce the optimal position. Richard methodically worked through the set up using what is obviously a wealth of cycling and sports science knowledge. Richard also quickly analysed the reasons for my lower back pain and the issues I was having with my bike shoe/cleat placement and found immediate solutions. From a position where I was feeling a bit daunted by new time trial set up I now feel confident and ready to race. I can highy recommend Pedal Precisions bike fitting service as an essential part of getting the most out of your cycling.

    Nathan Jansen Partner, Addleshaw Goddard and Triathlete
  • Just a quick follow up email after the cleat fitting. My feet feel great so far.  Since having the fitting i’ve done 10, 25 & 52 miles with very little discomfort. Lower back pain is also much reduced and pedalling feels more even and uniform

  • I’d like to just thank you once again for doing what you have done. It felt much better already when I was just cycling home so seriously thank you, i could feel the difference. I think today you had hit the nail bang on the head ive never had a answer from anyone before that I can justify so it makes allot more sense now.

    Daniel Moores Riding from London to Australia at time of writing
  • Good to meet you on Fri.  I did 5 hours yesterday, the new cleat position felt pretty good

    Capt. Dave Walker
  • Hi Richard, Thanks for setting up my bike! Just got back from a ride. I have to say, the new setup, particularly the seating position, felt good and more comfortable than my previous position. Thanks for the exercises; I am keen to see how they will affect my riding.

    R Allmend European Road Racer
  • Hi Richard, Just wanted to say thanks again for your time and expertise yesterday. The bike fit has resulted in a big change to how I feel on the bike. Went for a 40min spin this morning, it was a dream! Also thanks for taking me for a ride, i’ve really learnt alot. And you’ve completely redefined my idea of hills! Good riding with you.

    B. O’Dell London Triathlete
  • JC put me onto this bloke who does bike fits. Unbelievable results. It takes about 90 mins to 2 hours and costs 100 quid. Best 100 quid you will spend. He starts with general mechanical movement of the body, and shims cleats and builds pads in insoles to make sure you are pedalling straight and that the back, torso and legs are isolated. He checks tendons and hamstrings to isolate them from the leg muscles. Finally he gets the seat, bars, cleats, post etc right for each individual. All the fitting is videoed on HD camera before and after and then he shows you each of your joints working in slow-mo to show you the difference. He pays special attention to knee joints and how they interact with the back through the pedal stroke. Think about this on the last 3 turns of Alpe Dhuez!

    Email sent from client to other members of cycling club.
  • Many thanks again for doing such a thorough job of the fitting, I feel a lot more comfortable on the bike already.

    Caroline Wilkinson
  • Thanks Richard, that is great.  Already finding a big improvement from the change to seat height and concentrating on engaging my middle/torso/etc.  Posture feels much stronger and in control so thank you very much.

    L. Hargeaves New convert to road biking
  • Whilst training for a race in the summer of 2010 i contacted Pedal Precision for some assistance with our teams training and technique to make us as competitive as possible. Richard at Pedal Precision was extremely helpful and got us all in to look at our bike set up and adjusted where necessary. We also received some training advice and had a couple of ride outs with Richard to further improve technique and any final adjustments to our personal bike set ups. There was a noticeable improvement in all of us and our team race result (2nd overall Great Lakeland Challenge 2010) definitely owes alot to the help and assistance from Pedal Precision. Thanks.

    Alex Penn Soldier and Adventure racer
  • I approached Richard at Pedal Precision to help in alleviating chronic outer knee and foot pain, and to get an expert opinion on my overall bike set up for both my winter and road racing bikes.  Having spent a considerable amount of money in the past on various “text book” bike fittings and paying physiotherapists to treat these problem long term injuries, I can honestly say that the treatment and advice I received at Pedal Precision was the best money I’ve ever spent.  Richard brings expertise in both bike and human mechanics together, which no-one else seems to do.  The combination of an initial assessment at the Manchester Velodrome (which concluded with a few tweaks to the bike set up and cleats / bike shoes) followed by him observing my riding set up and style on the road appears to have worked perfectly.  This assessment, followed up by a targeted physiotherapy treatment and regular prescribed specific strength exercises has completely eliminated the niggles I’d been experiencing for years on the bike.  I would therefore strongly recommend Pedal Precision to anyone involved in amateur through to professional cycling, whether it be a first time bike set up, or (as in my case) to alleviate chronic cycling associated pain. Catch up soon for a bike fit on the Cervelo.

    M.Hodgson Experienced Triathlete
  • Thanks for today Richard Very confident your efforts will be successful in making me more comfortable on the bike. Good value for money and I will recommend

    Andrew Poland Road Racer and Triathlete
  • I started off with a beautiful second hand Colango frame and with Richard’s expert help and guidance we built a wonderful bespoke speed machine, which I absolutely love to ride, is a perfect fit and is a dream come true. Richard helped me every step of the way from advice on components, parts, bike fit and the correct fitting of my cleats.  I am sure he saved me money in the long run so that I did not make any costly mistakes with the build.  I have also had my TT bike and training bike expertly fitted.  I have recommended Richard to many fellow cyclist and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is serious about cycling. Thanks Richard.

    Sally Cowan Seamons Cycling Club
  • Richard just a quick note to say thanks for fine tuning my bike set up. Been out on both the TT bike and road and immediately felt the difference. Did a four ride on Sunday and legs still felt relatively fresh. Adjusting the cleats seems have gone a long way in addressing my issues. Hopefully this will help now in the final run in to the Ironman in July. Once again many thanks.

    James McGrath Ironman
  • Having been involved in a serious accident racing on the continent, I have a number of ongoing issues with my spine. Every time following Richards’ treatment sessions I am able to move much more freely and feel much stronger on the bike as a result, thanks a million!

    T.Hulton MTB Endurance Racer
  • Having your bike properly fitted and set up is essential in the effective management of cycling injuries. Pedal Precision’s methodical and meticulous assessments and adjustments have helped our patients to get back cycling pain free, often with more comfort and more power than they previously had. I am happy to strongly recommend Pedal Precision for our clients bike fit requirements.

    Kieran O’Donovan Msc MACP Jump Physio
  • Rich advised me on the purchase of my first bike which I needed for my Ironman. Not having ridden a bike for 10 years I had lots of questions, including some stupid ones! Richard simplified things and offered unbiased opinion on equipment and training. My bike was fitted professionally taking into account a number of anatomical needs and specific demands of ironman triathlons. I left with lots of confidence in the service. I have recommended him to friends already who have also utilised his knowledge. I believe that without his expertise, I would not have completed my Ironman! Thank you for all your help!

    Dr. A M Schofield Ironman Triathlete
  • Richard offered a very friendly, professional service. He was very accommodating and his bike fit service was not in any way intimidating to a novice like me! I’m now a keen cyclist and Richard is my main man for all things cycling. I have since recommended Richard’s expertise to friends who have also benefited from his advice in both physiotherapy and cycling fields.

    Dan McGrath Accomplished Endurance Athlete

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