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Feedback from our clients

Below are some testimonials we had before this web-page went live, scroll down a bit further for current feedback placed directly on the site by our riders, thanks!


After a couple of years hacking around triathlon courses on a road bike I recently decided to make the jump to my first Time Trial Bike. As a novice, I had no idea how to set up the bike to produce the optimal position. Richard methodically worked through the set up using what is obviously a wealth of cycling and sports science knowledge. Richard also quickly analysed the reasons for my lower back pain and the issues I was having with my bike shoe/cleat placement and found immediate solutions. From a position where I was feeling a bit daunted by new time trial set up I now feel confident and ready to race. I can highy recommend Pedal Precisions bike fitting service as an essential part of getting the most out of your cycling.

Nathan Jansen: Partner, Addleshaw Goddard and Triathlete



Just a quick follow up email after the cleat fitting.

My feet feel great so far.  Since having the fitting i’ve done 10, 25 & 52 miles with very little discomfort.

Lower back pain is also much reduced and pedalling feels more even and uniform




I’d like to just thank you once again for doing what you have done. It felt much better already when I was just cycling home so seriously thank you, i could feel the difference. I think today you had hit the nail bang on the head ive never had a answer from anyone before that I can justify so it makes allot more sense now.

Daniel Moores: Riding from London to Australia at time of writing


Good to meet you on Fri.  I did 5 hours yesterday, the new cleat position felt pretty good.

Capt. Dave Walker


Hi Richard,

Thanks for setting up my bike!

Just got back from a ride. I have to say, the new setup, particularly the

seating position,

felt good and more comfortable than my previous position. Thanks for the exercises; I am keen to see how they will affect my riding.

R Allmend: European Road Racer


Hi Richard,

Just wanted to say thanks again for your time and expertise yesterday. The bike fit has resulted in a big change to how I feel on the bike. Went for a 40min spin this morning, it was a dream!

Also thanks for taking me for a ride, i’ve really learnt alot. And you’ve completely redefined my idea of hills!

Good riding with you.

B. O’Dell, London Triathlete


JC put me onto this bloke who does bike fits. Unbelievable results.

It takes about 90 mins to 2 hours and costs 100 quid. Best 100 quid you will spend.

He starts with general mechanical movement of the body, and shims cleats and builds pads in insoles to make sure you are pedalling straight and that the back, torso and legs are isolated.

He checks tendons and hamstrings to isolate them from the leg muscles.

Finally he gets the seat, bars, cleats, post etc right for each individual. All the fitting is videoed on HD camera before and after and then he shows you each of your joints working in slow-mo to show you the difference. He pays special attention to knee joints and how they interact with the back through the pedal stroke. Think about this on the last 3 turns of Alpe Dhuez!

I had my first pain free ride home last night in months. His details are richard@pedalprecision.com 07974392644

Email sent from client to other members of cycling club.


Many thanks again for doing such a thorough job of the fitting, I feel a lot more comfortable on the bike already.

Caroline Wilkinson


Thanks Richard, that is great.  Already finding a big improvement from the change to seat height and concentrating on engaging my middle/torso/etc.  Posture feels much stronger and in control so thank you very much.

L. Hargeaves (New convert to road biking)


Whilst training for a race in the summer of 2010 i contacted Pedal Precision for some assistance with our teams training and technique to make us as competitive as possible. Richard at Pedal Precision was extremely helpful and got us all in to look at our bike set up and adjusted where necessary. We also received some training advice and had a couple of ride outs with Richard to further improve technique and any final adjustments to our personal bike set ups. There was a noticeable improvement in all of us and our team race result (2nd overall Great Lakeland Challenge 2010) definitely owes alot to the help and assistance from Pedal Precision. Thanks.

Alex Penn (Soldier and Adventure racer)


I approached Richard at Pedal Precision to help in alleviating chronic outer knee and foot pain, and to get an expert opinion on my overall bike set up for both my winter and road racing bikes.  Having spent a considerable amount of money in the past on various “text book” bike fittings and paying physiotherapists to treat these problem long term injuries, I can honestly say that the treatment and advice I received at Pedal Precision was the best money I’ve ever spent.  Richard brings expertise in both bike and human mechanics together, which no-one else seems to do.  The combination of an initial assessment at the Manchester Velodrome (which concluded with a few tweaks to the bike set up and cleats / bike shoes) followed by him observing my riding set up and style on the road appears to have worked perfectly.  This assessment, followed up by a targeted physiotherapy treatment and regular prescribed specific strength exercises has completely eliminated the niggles I’d been experiencing for years on the bike.  I would therefore strongly recommend Pedal Precision to anyone involved in amateur through to professional cycling, whether it be a first time bike set up, or (as in my case) to alleviate chronic cycling associated pain.

Catch up soon for a bike fit on the Cervelo.


M.Hodgson: Experienced Triathlete


Thanks for today Richard

Very confident your efforts will be successful in making me more comfortable on the bike. Good value for money and I will recommend.

Andrew Poland (Road Racer and Triathlete)


I started off with a beautiful second hand Colango frame and with Richard’s expert help and guidance we built a wonderful bespoke speed machine, which I absolutely love to ride, is a perfect fit and is a dream come true.


Richard helped me every step of the way from advice on components, parts, bike fit and the correct fitting of my cleats.  I am sure he saved me money in the long run so that I did not make any costly mistakes with the build.  I have also had my TT bike and training bike expertly fitted.  I have recommended Richard to many fellow cyclist and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is serious about cycling. Thanks Richard.

Sally Cowan, Seamons Cycling Club (Timetrial Specialist)


Richard just a quick note to say thanks for fine tuning my bike set up. Been out on both the TT bike and road and immediately felt the difference. Did a four ride on Sunday and legs still felt relatively fresh. Adjusting the cleats seems have gone a long way in addressing my issues. Hopefully this will help now in the final run in to the Ironman in July. Once again many thanks.

James McGrath (Ironman)


Having been involved in a serious accident racing on the continent, I have a number of ongoing issues with my spine. Every time following Richards’ treatment sessions I am able to move much more freely and feel much stronger on the bike as a result, thanks a million!

T.Hulton (MTB Endurance Racer)


Having your bike properly fitted and set up is essential in the effective management of cycling injuries.

Pedal Precision’s methodical and meticulous assessments and adjustments have helped our patients to get back cycling pain free, often with more comfort and more power than they previously had. I am happy to strongly recommend Pedal Precision for our clients bike fit requirements.

Kieran O’Donovan Msc MACP: Jump Physio.



Rich advised me on the purchase of my first bike which I needed for my Ironman. Not having ridden a bike for 10 years I had lots of questions, including some stupid ones! Richard simplified things and offered unbiased opinion on equipment and training. My bike was fitted professionally taking into account a number of anatomical needs and specific demands of ironman triathlons. I left with lots of confidence in the service.

I have recommended him to friends already who have also utilised his knowledge.

I believe that without his expertise, I would not have completed my Ironman! Thank you for all your help!

Dr. A M Schofield: Ironman Triathlete


Richard offered a very friendly, professional service. He was very accommodating and his bike fit service was not in any way intimidating to a novice like me! I’m now a keen cyclist and Richard is my main man for all things cycling. I have since recommended Richard’s expertise to friends who have also benefited from his advice in both physiotherapy and cycling fields.

Dan McGrath: Accomplished Endurance Athlete


Some recent Twittering that we thought was worthy of putting up here…

Massive thank you to Richard and Zoe from @pedalprecision for representing CFC at the Clic Sargent “Do it for you… http://fb.me/vnaZku7X


@polocini Lovely mate. The bike fit at @PedalPrecision has made all the difference, plus a Garmin 500 to boot. Loving my cog at the min.



What a ride!!! That was ace, despite the headwind felt strong as an ox, talk about recruiting more muscle!! Many thanks @PedalPrecision


@NapD @pedalprecision always feel great after a session at pp!


Thanks to Rich (man behind) @PedalPrecision for the bike fit today. Explained the science easily, and made me feel at home. Fully recommend!


Thanks to @PedalPrecision for fitting my 2 bikes, great guy knows his stuff

47 comments to “Feedback from our clients”

  • Richard, May 6, 2016 at 14:52

    And another from a couple of weeks ago…

    Message Body:
    I just wanted to say a big thank you to Richard at Pedal Precision for my recent bike fit. Richard is a true professional explaining all of the changes he made to the bike. Most importantly the advise he gave about how I should adust my posture on the bike to engage my core and therefore increase my efficiency overall. I have completed 4 rides now and can already feel a huge difference in terms of comfort on the bike and my power output.
    I had a small amount of left anterior knee pain which with the cleat and saddle height adjustment is already improving.
    Richard’s approach is very relaxed and he immediately puts you at ease. He is incredibly knowledgeable and explains everything thouroughly.
    I would highly recommend him.
    Thank you.

  • Richard, May 6, 2016 at 14:49

    Kind Message from recent Client:

    Hi Richard
    Thanks for the attached.
    The difference you’ve made is quite remarkable. As soon as I went out after the session with you it felt like a different bike. I could immediately feel a smoother and more powerful pedal stroke, as I was now finishing the pedal stroke fully. My overall position on the bike is s lot more comfortable and I seem to be quicker as well if strava is accurate!
    I’ve now done three 50+ mile rides since the bike fit and couldn’t be happier with the results. I now just need to continue with the exercises you’ve given me.
    Many thanks

  • CJ Schofield, September 23, 2015 at 21:53

    Many thanks for the Pro Bike Fit, after a couple of weeks riding after my visit to you, I have noticed an improvement in performance and now have peace of mind. I highly recommend you to all keen cyclists looking for a bike fit.

    Thanks again
    CJ Schofield (Monkey)

  • Feedback from client, September 18, 2015 at 21:12

    Richard, I just had to write again and I know you probably get a lot of these, but I wanted to thank you again. I completed the Manchester 100k on Sunday and I got around without any posterior pain other than what I’d expect from sitting in the saddle for 4hrs. The leg, butt and foot pain was all gone. I was able to relax and enjoy the ride and the atmosphere of the day. Amazing results.

    Thank you again for what you’ve managed to achieve for me.


    Rgds Paul

  • David Smith, August 27, 2015 at 12:28

    Having the pro bike fit from Richards is the best thing I’ve done for my cycling, all my issues with comfort, aches and pains vanished straight away. I noticed my performance had improved instantly on my first ride after the fit, my legs just feel like part of the bike now.
    Very helpful and I gained a lot of knowledge on cycling performance, I would definitely recommend the bike fit brilliant service
    Thank you Richard

  • From facebook, March 25, 2015 at 13:57

    Sally Porter
    March 22 at 7:28pm
    Richard I swear to god I could have kissed you today! I have not been out since my bike fit. Previously I was having serious pain in my left shoulder within 10 miles. Today, despite not been on my bike for weeks I did 43 miles and didn’t feel my usual pain once!! Your a Genius!! Thanks so much. Sally

    Martin Archer
    February 27 at 7:37pm
    Thank you for my bike fit today Richard, you explained more to me in a couple of hours than my doctor and physio have in 6 months since my accident. I will be back again in a few months when the exercises have had a bit of an impact on my neck and back. Thanks once again for a brilliant service.

  • Si Deplitch, March 12, 2015 at 22:20

    The best cost v’s benefit upgrade I have made to my cycling performance.

    Si Deplitch
    Team Chronomaster – Leisure Lakes

  • Kathryn Berry, February 28, 2015 at 14:31

    Before seeing Richard I was on the point of giving up cycling, it was hard and also causing severe lower back pain. What a difference Richard has made! I can now tell the power is going through my legs, I feel strong and much faster (even up hills), my back is no longer hurting and I am enjoying riding again! Thanks so much Richard.

  • Matt Cooper, February 21, 2015 at 10:00

    The fit by Richard was truly brilliant. While I am a positive amateur by comparison of some of the people Richard fits, I still felt incredibly welcome and got the feeling that I was really benefitting from what was being done. This was in no small part due to the constant explanation Richard gave of each step, the logic behind it and how it would benefit me. The pains I described at the start of the session have now all disappeared, meaning I’m able to tackle some of the climbs in Sheffield that I’ve had my eye on for some time. The trunk activation exercises have helped too and overall I feel I really benefited from the experience.

  • Ben Williams, January 29, 2015 at 15:51

    The service that Richard provided was exceptional – I really can’t recommend it highly enough.
    I came away from the session with a lot more understanding on a range of things; including on how my body is ‘set-up’ and what is required to be more efficient in the saddle, but also how to help my back pain, on and off the bike.
    The advice was really well delivered and Richard clearly has a very deep understanding (even more than my physio who I pay a fortune for!!).
    It’s fantastic – top marks

  • Rick Collins, December 15, 2014 at 18:37

    I can’t speak highly enough of Richard and the service he offers.

    I had got back into cycling after a 10 year break. After spending a considerable amount of money on a new bike I had problems with leg pain after cycling anything more than 10 miles.

    During the bike fit Richard said the problems I’d had were due to the bike being too large and stated that I shouldn’t have been sold it. He suggested that I try taking it back for that reason even though I’d had the bike nearly 4 months. He also offered to write a report should I require it.

    I went straight to my LBS who, once I’d told them who had done the bike fit, agreed to change it there and then on the spot. I ended up with a bike that cost more than mine at the time of the original purchase!

    To top it all Richard told me to take the new bike back to him the following week and he would do the fit free of charge!

    A top guy, highly recommended!

  • Steven Howe, November 28, 2014 at 19:28

    Just a quick comment to say how impressed I am with the fit and the follow up feedback. Far better and more informative than my Planet X fit which would have been far more expensive than this had I not got it half price.

    I particularly like providing the exercises and the explanations of how my body limitations are affecting power etc. I expect i’ll be back to check on my progress at some point next year.

    Many thanks


  • Jim McCall posted by Richard, October 2, 2014 at 15:54

    Another kind email from one of our riders pasted below….

    Hi Richard

    My name is Jim McCall and I was in for a bike fitting on Friday 27 June 2014 I just wanted to give you an update.

    Since the fitting I have completed 5 Long distance (Well long distance for me anyway) rides ranging from 30 to 62 miles.
    I have completed all of these rides without the shoulder and back pain I used to suffer.
    I’ve also noticed that my average speed has increased with each ride.

    To finish I am very happy with the results of the fitting and would recommend it for anyone, you don’t have to be a professional or a super fit cyclist for a bike fit to make a difference, I am a weekend cyclist and it has made a huge difference for me.

    Best Regards

    Jim McCall.

  • Sophie Yarwood, September 23, 2014 at 08:06

    I’ve seen Richard three times now, the first time was for a full bike and cleat fit on my summer bike, the second was to change the saddle on this bike and tweak it’s position to alleviate pain in my left upper hamstring & glute, and the third time to set up my winter bike and fit new cleats to new shoes. In every case Richard has been superb! Initially he diagnosed that I wasn’t using my glutes when pedalling and prescribed ‘glute activation’ exercises. Less than a year later at my latest bike fit the benefits of these exercises are apparent and I’m now engaging all muscles when I pedal making my pedal stroke smooth. Richard has also sorted my neck and shoulder pain by adjusting my handlebar height and position, and when he tweaked my saddle position, the pain I had been experiencing in my upper hamstring/glute vanished in the next ride!! This man is a genius and I would highly recommend him. He has a customer for life with me!

  • Paul Raine, August 6, 2014 at 17:22

    Well worth the money!
    I was suffering from problems in the lower back when climbing. Long story short- 2 days after seeing Richard for a fit I rode the etape Pennines with 7500ft of killer hills- no pain whatsoever (in the back anyway, my weak legs are another matter!)

    If you’re thinking about a bike fit, just book in with Richard- thoroughly nice chap, knows his stuff, and it’s just the price of a pair of bib shorts- no brainer.

  • Richard Owen, May 15, 2014 at 10:51

    Richard Salisbury is an absolute genius. From my bike fit 2 weeks ago I have had no shoulder pain which has been a problem for months and I have, without what feels like no additional effort, had personal bests on loads of strava segments and improved the flat speed/sprints which was always my issue. Climbing also seems better which I was not expecting. To say I strongly recommend going to see him is the understatement of the century. Thank you Richard.

  • Chris James, April 10, 2014 at 15:10

    I was a bit sceptical at first as to how much the session would improve my riding, however after a couple of outings i have already noticed a drastic improvement. The session is very informative and Richard explained every change he made, why he had changed it and what outcome it would have. I would highly recommend Richard’s service!

  • David Naylor, January 18, 2014 at 18:08

    I was interested in seeing what alterations to my bike would be carried out as Ithought I had set it up pretty well. Richard changed my cleat positions, raised seat, tweaked handlebars. What a difference well pleased with the end result. Thanks Richard

  • Andy Mac, January 7, 2014 at 18:50

    I was very impressed with Richard’s professionalism and attention to detail. He is a high quality practitioner and provides an excellent service at a competitive price. Thank you

  • Richard, December 16, 2013 at 14:19

    Another nice bit of feedback via email from a client with a power meter…. we don’t just make you comfortable, we get you more power! Here’s the message:

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the detailed measurements.

    I feel very comfortable with the new setup especially the foot position which feels far better connected and powerful.

    My power output is up by 6.7% even with a lower cadence and a slightly lower average HR.
    Based on my average power for five December rides pre fitting and three rides post fitting



  • Mark Bryant, October 14, 2013 at 21:49

    Hi Richard, a massive thank you for your help as I get back into riding road bikes and for your time fitting me to both bikes last Friday, truly time well spent, totally professional and very thorough plus some invaluable advice on correcting my posture while riding and exercises to assist me off the bike too, the bikes feel easier to ride already and the knee pains I was experiencing are now a thing of the past, I would recommend Pedal Precision to anyone and everyone, thanks again. Mark

  • Richard (email from client), August 29, 2013 at 09:54

    Another positive email from someone previously struggling…..

    Hi Richard

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the time spent on Wednesday. Also thought it would be useful to provide you with some feedback as went out on my first ride yesterday since you made the adjustments. I hope the payment came through ok later in the day?

    I have zero rear leg pain despite the seat being noticeably higher which is the first great feeling. Yes, the bike feels different but also seems to handle better (After a shaky few first miles)
    My route is a fairly average 18 miles circuit taking in a couple of short climbs and one larger one. With no noticeable difference in effort I have knocked a clear 1minute 30 seconds off my best time and I have been doing this circuit for 7 months now having previously been unable to reduce my time below 1hr 7 mins, I am now into 1hr 5.

    The set-up of the bike has also made me feel more comfortable when riding the hoods and the position feels far more natural. I also noticed that I seem to be pushing the pedals with the ball of my foot now and I think this is where the pain in my big toe was coming from as I seemed to be pushing with my toes before. Again, this feels more natural and it seems easier to clip into the pedals as the foot position seems to be correct.

    Please feel free to use this testimonial wherever you see fit and I will definitely be recommending your services to any other riders who are struggling.

    Thanks again and I will be in contact in the near future when I purchase the new handlebars and stem


  • Paul Renton, July 26, 2013 at 09:27

    Having a strong background in international competition in the USA competing as Clydesdale triathlete and domestically as a cyclist, I understand the importance of the science behind the bike. I was worried when I first rode my new road bike and realized I was not pro fitted. I could feel dead spots in my pedal stroke and lower stretching in my back. Knowing I was bleeding free watts I was refereed to Richard.
    Immediately Richards approach and Knowledge was apparent, from the initial chat of I am older , 2 discs removed in my back but still want to pedal with the younger riders and the skinny boys, Richard set to work.
    Not only now have the dead spots gone in the pedal strokes, my lower back is relaxed and core engaged. My wattage is up, the bike feels more responsive. No matter how much money you spend if your bike doesn’t fit and the power is not going through the pedals to the wheels, you have the gear and no Idea?
    Give Richard a call it’s the best money you will spend!!!

  • Richard, July 24, 2013 at 11:13

    Great email from proud dad after helping daughter overcome so very painful symptoms in time for her first attempt at national champs:

    Hi Richard,
    Just thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know Lauren got on.
    Although she didn’t get the result she hoped for it was a great learning curve for her. The good news is that she had no problems with her knees, she said she never felt a thing and she’s already riding with her legs straighter. She says that its not 100% natural yet and she does sometime have to consciously work at it but its a massive improvement in such a short space of time.

    I’d just like to say a big thank from myself and Lauren for your help, after the way she came off in tears the week before the event I honestly thought she wouldn’t be able to take part. It goes with out saying I’ll recommend you to any one in the future.
    Many thanks

  • Email from Dave Jobson, July 24, 2013 at 10:54

    Kind email from a client who came to see us last month:

    From: Dave Jobson Subject: Many Thanks Message Body: Richard I came for a bike fit in early June, just to say thanks very much! That same day I knocked 12 minutes off a ride that usually took me 1hr 15mins and felt great! Riding up hills is easier than before and there is a noticeable difference in my speed. My hip gave me no trouble at all during the ride and I had no aches afterwards, once again thanks. I would recommend your services to anyone! Cheers Dave — This mail is sent via contact form on pedalprecision http://pedalprecision.com

  • Neil Withnell, July 23, 2013 at 17:55

    Bought some new shoes and could not get the cleats right, popped in to see Richard and problem solved. Very comfortable position now, thank you

  • Richard, April 10, 2013 at 13:27

    Kind email from Norman Finch, another happy rider, really pleased to have been able to help….

    “Just thought I’d let you know did over 100 miles at the weekend and not felt this good on a bike for years, if you would like to show this email to anyone please do so…… if anyone is thinking of having a bike fit, save your money messing about and just go to Richard, I wasted hundreds of pounds on bike fits over a number of years, but none were anywhere near as good as Richard.
    He took hours sorting me out both on and off the bike and I got the feeling time was not an issue with him if I were to run over my allotted time.”

  • Josh Turner, March 27, 2013 at 10:20

    Recently bought my first road bike as I am cycling from London to Brussels in the summer. Having read many positive reviews on internet formus I decided to book in for a Pro Fit with Richard. I went last night and from starting with asking questions about sports injury history etc, Richard went on to position my cleats perfectly, alter saddle height, stem length, handlebars, saddle and tilt. Instantly felt completely different on the turbo trainer and pedal strokes feel much smoother and more efficient. Not only that, Richard also took a look at pretty much every screw he could find on my bike and even altered my gearing slightly and tightened up my rear brake….much appreciated! Richard’s service is second to none and I would recommend to anyone.

  • J Sercombe, January 18, 2013 at 12:15

    Being a keen cyclist and runner i’m used to aches and pains but i started having some real calf/ITB issues recently. After a thorough assessment Richard recommended a few stretches and also set up my cleats. Not only are my legs feeling much much better, but i’m also now a blur on the turbo-trainer. Everything is so much smoother and my left leg knee wobble has gone. Can’t wait for the weather to change and get out on the road.

  • C.Allsop, November 19, 2012 at 20:31

    Had a fitting with Richard a couple of weeks ago and so have had the opportunity to get out on a few rides and assess whether the changes worked. I,ve got to say they,ve worked beyond my expectations. Much much more comfortable and for the first time in ages no back pain when riding, something that was affecting me quite badly, my feet now feel they are in the correct position and I feel as though the bike is working with me rather than fighting me. I actually feel quite fresh afer a ride plus according to my computer my speed has gone up. Richard is a top bloke who obviously knows his stuff even giving me some krypton factor exercises to help improve some muscle problems I have. He didn,t even take the mickey too much when he had to turn my bottle cage the right way up as I had put it on upside down. If you,re undecided about a bike fit – don,t be – get booked in you definitely will not regret it. Richard Many Thanks and best wishes.

  • Richard, October 25, 2012 at 09:30

    Message from recent client:

    Hi Richard,

    It was great to meet you last week. Just thought I’d send you a quick e-mail to say thanks. I went out for a 60 mile ride this morning and there wasn’t even a hint of knee pain – not even a small twinge.
    Finished the ride about 3 hours ago and my knees feel superb with no stiffness whatsoever. I tried to concentrate on my posture too so no ache in the shoulders or elbows either.

    The ride itself was much better too and I felt much fresher afterwards than normal. Still work to be done obviously but a good start.

    The session last week was worth every penny if today’s ride is anything to go by.


  • G Melling, August 9, 2012 at 07:49

    Had a fitting with Richard a while ago now, just not yet gotten around to posting.

    Richard was absolutely great; went through everything on my bike with me, and then went though everything with me. Since having it done I’ve done over 1,000 pain and ache free miles much faster and more powerful than I’ve managed before, even managed to get some records on Strava. Richard even gave me some excercies to do to stregnthen my core so I’ll get even faster.

    For anybody wondering if they should do it I’d say there’s not a chance not too, I’ll be taking my winter cross bike to Richard before the snow starts so I’ll never have to go to a bike in the wrong position again.

    Cheers again Richard.

  • Graham Hough, July 30, 2012 at 09:33

    Had my Pro Fit on Friday, which was a really enjoyable experience, I learned a great deal, Richard went through everything with a very warm and genuine enthusiasm for all things cycling, and his knowledge of the human body is immense, but everything was explained in a manner than you can understand.
    He first of all set up my cleats, checking my ankles, gait, looked at how I walked, I just got the feeling it was a completely thorough and rigorous process that left no stone unturned.
    I then got on my bike which was on the turbo and spun away to some Gang Starr (proper music to pedal to)
    He then made some adjustments to my bike, raised the saddle about 8mm, tilted it forward slightly, dropped the bars about 10mm and moved the brake hoods, with each adjustment I felt more and more comfortable, to the point where it just felt ‘right’
    Went out the day after and did my first 100 mile ride, and I felt so much more comfortable on the bike than I have ever before.
    Richard also pointed out that I have some problems with my Iliotibial Band, so he put together some exercises for me to do to correct this problem, which will hopefully result in a better pedal stroke in the future.
    With all the money people throw at cycling gear I can honestly say that this was the best cycling ‘purchase’ I have ever made.
    If you’re thinking of getting a bike set up, stop thinking about it and just do it, you won’t regret it one bit.
    Even the coffee was top quality!

    Thanks again Richard.

  • N Purcell, July 23, 2012 at 12:57

    I booked a pro fit session with Richard last week and did my first rides since this weekend. The change that Richard has made to my setup is unbelieveable, so much more power available with each pedal stroke and also the ability to travel up hills without so much need to stand up on the pedals. Richard really knows what he is on about and this is really the best money you can spend on you and your bike before considering other kit upgrades. Many thanks.

  • Aled Roberts, June 19, 2012 at 18:05

    Just had a pro fit session this afternoon. Cannot recommend highly enough. Discovered that the band that runs outside my thigh (ITB) is very tight, meaning I’m not currently utilising all my upper leg to pedal. (Amongst other things) Have cycled for years without knowing of a problem. Then went onto bike adjustments. Service is invaluable. Us cyclists spend fortunes on kit that probably have little impact on performance but money very well spent on this fitting and level of expertise. As a paramedic I can vouch that Richard puts my musculo-skeletal knowledge to shame!! Makes you wonder how many people ride unaware of incorrect positions (before today, me included)….

  • Andrew Hynes, June 18, 2012 at 15:30

    Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent biking fitting service. Just competed at the weekend in a triathlon and put in a record time for me. I would recommend this service without question.

  • Maggie McPhillips, June 16, 2012 at 17:09

    I went to see Richard to have cleats fitted on my new shoes. I had previously tried to set them up myself but was unhappy with the position and was plagued by knee niggles. After adjusting my cleats, my pedalling felt instantly miles more comfortable and efficient and the niggles disappeared.
    He also fitted me in early evening at short notice so this could be done before a biking holiday.
    An excellent service- highly recommended.

  • Stewart Calthorpe (keen cyclist & triathlete), May 30, 2012 at 12:10

    Was recommended to Richard by a friend who had the bike fit. For anyone keen on cycling it is a must, after spending a good hour on my feet and shoes we then moved on to the bike and with another hour of various tweaks and alterations I was done. First time out on the bike after the fit was fantastic, it was like riding a top of the range new bike, everything just felt right and when i wanted speed it was there. No hesitation in recommending his service, he really knows his stuff.

  • Phil Stephens, May 16, 2012 at 15:05

    Was about to spend £400 on a new cockpit when someone suggested seeing Richard. The problem was that i thought my TT bike was top heavy, it was twitchy and not very comfortable. After just a couple of hours with Richard i had a ‘wow’ moment. All the weight seemed to transfer to the correct place. Just a few days after, i completed Ironman Majorca 70.3 in 40 mins less time than expected. Not only had the ‘twitchiness’ gone and the overall comfort improved but the manner in which i could handle the bike was unbelievable.

    I’m glad Richard could also help my mate Ian Bolton (as above), I just hope it wasn’t too much! I still need to beat him on our next ride out…..

  • Ian Bolton, May 16, 2012 at 08:47

    Good morning Richard

    I would like to thank you for the bike fit on Friday 11 May 2012. The technical expertise that you showed during the 2 hour session was second to none. The professional way that you set my cleats and the my sitting position on the bike was fantastic. Your understanding of the bio mechanics of my riding and the muscles that i needed to strengthen was a real eye opener. I went for a long 3 and half hour bike ride on the Sunday after the bike fit and the comfort on the saddle and the extra power i was able to generate was amazing. Once again thank you so much for your time and professional way you carried out my bike fit. I have recommended you to so many of my friends and I would recommend your service over and over again.

  • Stewart Calthorpe (keen cyclist & triathlete), May 11, 2012 at 09:30

    Was recommended by a friend and spent a couple of hours with Richard. He spent a good hour sorting my cleats out do to my un orthodox feet. We then spent another hour on the turbo trainer while Richard filmed my riding position and made various adjustments. First time out after the fitting was like riding a new bike. Everything felt as though it was in the right place and that all my effort was working 100% with me. Would not hesitate to recommend his service.

  • Brendon Hunter, May 10, 2012 at 06:05

    Went to see Richard after my Brother pointed out that i had significant lateral knee wobble when cycling, which was also causing pain when cycling long distance. After looking at my symptoms, it did not take Richard long to diagnose the problem. On the technical side, Richard Tweaked my bike set up, and advised that i get new cycling shoes explaining clearly what he was doing and why. What impressed me most, was that Richard was more interested in helping me recover from my injury than getting me out the door. He even invited me back, when i had purchased my new shoes and cleats, so that he could fit them properly at no extra charge. Thanks Richard you are a true professional. I had never considered bike set up and even the type of shoes you chose when cycling, to be so important. For me having the wrong bike set up and shoes, has contributed to an injury that i have been suffering with on and off for several years. I would recommend Richard to any budding triathlete or keen cyclist at any level.

  • carol moir, April 14, 2012 at 17:40

    Richard is an outstanding professional – I was impressed by not only his obvious knowledge, experience and friendly approach, but also his genuine desire to help improve comfort and performance.
    I am 100% confident that the new bike set up will reap reward and look forward to getting out into the hills tomorrow. I now also have a program of exercises to help with a hip problem, and am now confident it will improve.
    A visit to Pedal Precision is an absolute must for regular cyclists of all abilities.
    Many thanks Richard, its a pleasure to get such a good service from a total professional. See you again when you’ve got the Wattbike.

  • Dave Collister, April 1, 2012 at 13:35

    As a sufferer from quite detailed back pathology I hoped Richard’s approac would be all that his website offered it to be. Richard surpassed my expectations. His extremely detailed,patient and methodical approach to human physiology first bike second is fantastic. After an hour of questions and answers followed by a full examination Richard set about my cleats first then onto the bike for the full video break down. After 30 mins of riding Richard then showed the video play back capturing the results of my back and hip issues. We then adjusted the bike to fit my stability issues and worked on some exercises to strengthen musculoskeletal issues specific to me and riding.
    Since the fit I have risen about 200 miles with reduced pain and more power. I am continuing with the exercises and fully expected to get even better. As one person has said why would you spend two thousand pound on a bike and then expect a thirty quid bike fit to match up.
    I thoroughly recommend Richard and Pedal Precision

  • Andrew Waugh, March 7, 2012 at 18:38

    Richard has an extremely professional approach to ensuring the bike and rider work together as they should. His exacting approach works right through from the riders shoes, to position on the bike, to analysis of pedalling style. Through this approach he identifies any inefficiencies and potential for discomfort or injury, and makes the appropriate adjustments to set up.
    Having ridden and/or raced for close to 30 years, I had always thought “I know best” when it comes to position and bike set up, but Richard very quickly identified areas for improvement and adjustment. Having placed my faith in his skills, I can say that without doubt there is a marked improvement in both efficiency and comfort – which is noticeable very quickly.
    When we all spend as much as we do on equipment and as much time as we can on the bike, it is one of the most worthwhile investments you will ever make. It costs not much more than a decent set of tyres and tubes to get yourself set up properly with Richard, and a step I would wholeheartedly recommend to any serious cyclist.

  • Paul Mellon, February 21, 2012 at 16:18

    Bike Fit on 17th February 2012

    Just thought I’d drop a note re the bike fit I had last Friday.

    Richard’s approach although very methodical from the bottom of your feet up (literally) was very relaxed and done in such a way that you understood why all alterations, from tape under your shoe insoles to bike ajustment were made and what you would get from it. The whole process is done with Richards knowledge of anatomy and bike construction and getting the best out of the two individual things together through analysis of video and continually adjusting seat, handlebars, stem etc to get the best optimum performane. By the end of the session I could feel that my power transfer through the complete rotation was stronger and more specifically smoother (i felt more at one with the bike). I went out on a 70 mile ride on the Sunday after the fitting and had my best ride on the bike to date beating all my normal averages, and feeling better off the bike at the end. I would strongly recommend anybody who does any regular riding to invest in a fit at Pedal Precision, the same money on the clothing we love to indulge in won’t give you as much reward as the fit, so cheaper clothing and better set up for me from now on, you should do the same.

    Thanks again Rich, see you again in the future (the mountain bike needs setting up)


  • Adam Welch, February 8, 2012 at 17:26

    I went to see Richard as I was suffering with knee pain on my new Scott Foil road bike after a ride compared to a pain free season last year on my old bike so there was clearly setup issues that I was unable to fix or make better.

    Richard clearly knows his stuff and he takes everything into consideration right from your shoes/cleat setup upto a full, detailed bike setup to suit you perfectly.

    I was really impressed with the setup afterwards and I could feel straight away that my bike was more comfortable to ride – even on the trainer!

    Great – friendly, warm approach and in no way intrusive!

    I would highly recommend Richard and Pedal Precision if anyone is thinking about getting setup on their bike properly.

    Thanks again, Adam 🙂