Sports Rehab

It’s not just about the bike.

As well as providing a better approach to bike fitting and cycling injury prevention, with our background in sports specific injury diagnosis and treatment, we also provide other services for everyone, cyclist, athlete or just neither.

Our experience within team sports and working in private clinics means you can come and see us if you are suffering with any Musculo-skeletal injury at all. Whether you need help recovering from a skiing accident or are just suffering because of something you have to do at work, we can provide you with proper diagnosis, manual treatment where necessary and rehabilitation programmes/advice to get you back on form as quick as possible. Don’t waste time putting up with the pain, come and see us and we will help.

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Sports Specific Massage

This could be part of manual therapy recommended during a rehab session as above or simply as complimentary therapy. Many athletes find great benefits in having effective sports massage to help with lymphatic drainage, relaxation and recovery of muscle tissue.

Get in touch with us today regarding any of our Sports Rehab Services. If you have any questions regarding our services then do not hesitate to ask us.

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