Introducing The Cancer Fighting Cyclists!

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know a little bit more about all the stuff we have got going on this year and next. I know I hinted about things a couple of weeks ago but plans are coming together nicely and I wanted to bring you up to speed.

We have decided to create a revolutionary race team. There are many good rides out there that people can register for and help raise money for some great causes. There are also plenty of race teams all looking for the strongest athletes to get on the podium. But what we aim to do is to combine the two, with a proper team atmosphere but where the sole aim is not to win races (although that would be nice too!) but to raise as much awareness and funds as possible for our chosen charity. And that brings us to the name… it’s an obvious twist but we think it works, the race team that is dedicated to raising money for Cyclists Fighting Cancer will henceforth be known as The Cancer Fighting Cyclists.

There is a team of people already working hard to make this a reality. Together with TGDesign and FSTAcademy we are hoping to create something truly inspirational. The team will be open to anyone who is willing to take on a real challenge and help contribute to what we hope will be a huge team donation to Cyclists Fighting Cancer that we can hand over at the end of each year.

We will be targeting a number of events each year, but essentially if you want to take on a big cycling challenge this year and you feel that helping to provide bikes to children who really, really need them is something you would like to do then drop us a line!

As if to light the way for future riders, Tom Wild has agreed to act as our pioneering racer as he takes on what is arguably going to be one of the hardest races ever. An off road ironman, affectionately dubbed ‘X-Man’ is the first one of its kind and comprises a 2.4mile swim in the ocean, followed by a ridiculously punishing 112miles on the mountain bike along the South Downs Way, and then once they finish that it’s just the matter of an trail-running marathon (26.2miles). It sounds insane, and it probably is. His specific training for this ultimate goal is well under way and you can follow his progress on his own blog here Toms Blog.

We have also set up a just giving page dedicated to the team. If you are inspired by Toms challenge and want to help his motivation you can donate towards the challenge here:

As more of our riders line up their challenges for the year they will all be directing their supporters to this just giving page so that everyone can be a part of something really big and be able to make a huge difference to such a worthy charity at the end of the year.

We’ll keep you updated with all the news as it happens, I just really wanted to give you some more details on what we are up to.

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