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It would appear that Old Father Time has been pooring his sands through the big egg-timer at a rate less trickle and more hose pipe. I looked the other day and it would appear it has been quite a few months since I posted a blog. I can only assume that since my in-box hasn’t been in-undated with begging letters for more verbal diarrhoea and musings on the world of cycling, that everyone else has been equally as busy and the springtime past in a flash of torrential rain, smelly overshoes and numb fingers (ah, another reason fans couldn’t email me to cry for more! 😉 ).

Le Tour is almost on us again, and it’s noticeable how with each tour that passes and British riders come further towards the forefront of such an international melting pot of a race, that the country as a whole immerses itself into this sport that I love. Sportive rides fill up faster than the release of the latest batch of 1-Direction concert tickets and the roads are full of people out enjoying (mostly) the freedom that comes with spinning through the countryside fuelled only by Weetabix, Oat-So-Simple and Nutella (Other breakfast cereals are available…). Riding the lanes of cheshire or the peak district on a sunny morning and with the volume of cyclist on the road, you could be mistaken in thinking you’d just arrived in Flanders or the Alps, such is the volume of lycra-clad cyclists out there.

The number of people we are seeing on a weekly basis has also grown exponentially. More and more people are seeing the value in having the peace of mind that their bike is set-up perfectly, they are getting the most out of it as possible and they are either alleviating previous injuries or preventing future troubles. I know that from the feedback we have had there are lots of people really pleased with the Pedal Precision approach and that it can really make a difference to how you feel on a bike. There will always be people that think you can do as good a job by yourself through trial and error, and that’s fine, but being able to look at each phase of a riders pedalling action, identify weaknesses or positional issues and either adjust for them or give them the ammunition to tackle the issues we think is having very positive effects for so many riders, so we’ll just keep doing what we do best!

To be honest, the time has passed so quick, that we are having to ‘force – ourselves’ to get out on our own bikes. It really gets quite embarrassing when I go out with a client, only to find that they’ve been riding all winter and spring and they’re dropping me on every climb, still I suppose as long as they are feeling as good as they can on the bike, that’s all the matters…. well, not to me it’s not, I need to get out on my bike more!!

As luck would have it, the opening of the new Clayton Vale MTB trails, run and managed by The National Cycling Centre coincided with some improvement in the weather. This should be a real bonus, the facilities really are second to none, and now that there’s the track, BMX arena and MTB trails all within 300m of each other, there really is no excuse for me to not get out on one bike or another as often as possible!

In conclusion then, with the Tour coming up, there’s only one take home message, that considering how fast time passes, it’s only going to last 3 weeks, so make the most of it. Enjoy the scenery, wallow in the relaxing commentary, record the highlights, keep fingers crossed for a lack of scandal, cheer on your favourites, ride out in the sunshine after taking the day off to watch the queen stage, race your mates to the cafe Cav-style, play fantasy Tour-De-France (I’m doing it for the 1st time ever!). Vive le Tour.

PS. I promise not to leave it so long next time!

PPS. Going to run a competition for a free bike fit. If you see the PP-Wagon driving round the country over the next few weeks, tweet where you saw it and you might be in with chance of a free session! twitter @PedalPrecision. Here’s what your looking out for…she’s a beaut!

The wagon at a Cyclists Fighting Cancer Event

The wagon at a Cyclists Fighting Cancer Event

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