Just call me Richard Llewellyn Bowen

I know I posted some photos of the new Lab at the Velodrome a few weeks back, but you know what it’s like, when you move into a new place, you get all the stuff in and make it ‘live-able’ and then it stays in limbo for a while until you have some free time and motivation. So that happened to me this week, which meant there was only one thing for it, you guessed it, a trip to Ikea (other mass market swedish furniture stores are available…oh, no, sorry there aren’t).

I went with a view to picking up some finishing touches for the Pedal Precision Lab at the National Cycling Centre here in Manchester. And I found myself enjoying myself, who’d have thought it!? My enjoyment may have been helped by the monumental pile of meatballs I had as a carbo-loading lunch before heading off into the only One-Way Maze in the world (I figured I needed fuel as I could be following blue arrows for months once I entered ‘the Abyss’.

Anyway, all this is really besides the point. In the end I managed to pick up everything I needed to be able to Hang, Store, Display, Hide away, Stand, and sweep up everything in the new Lab. So, without further ado, here’s a few more pictures of the place as it comes together. If you’d like to find out more, take a look round the rest of our website or drop us an email. Thanks for your time.


A relaxing place to be, at least until we get you on the turbo trainer.

Even the housekeeping tools are in corporate colours.

A ride on the rollers can give us insight into your movement patterns, balance and proprioception.

Just a few of the tools of the trade.

Camera set-up for watching your Hip-Knee-Ankle alignment.

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