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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Ergonomic Products: Great advances but be cautious….

HI All, I wanted to write a short post to crystallise my thoughts and opinions on the proliferation of ergonomic bike components and aids which aim to help you ride more comfortably or efficiently. On the whole I am really impressed by the advances that have been made. Specialized’s Body Geometry system (www.specialized.com) continues to be a forerunner in […]

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Just call me Richard Llewellyn Bowen

I know I posted some photos of the new Lab at the Velodrome a few weeks back, but you know what it’s like, when you move into a new place, you get all the stuff in and make it ‘live-able’ and then it stays in limbo for a while until you have some free time […]

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X-Man Preparation – Worthy of a BAFTA nomination?

OK, I realise we are a bit late for this years awards ceremony, but in our own minds we have made a masterpiece! We set out to make a video to give you some idea of the hard work and dedication that Tom Wild is putting in to hopefully complete and compete at the first […]

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